This section includes information on the addition of new images to the site as well as occasional and miscellaneous diary notes.

New Photo Galleries


Two new photo galleries have been added, one from the second half of 2012 and a very recent one from the 2013 new year.

The 2012 gallery has a few butterfly, spider and dragonfly photos from a new Norfolk Wildlife Trust Reserve - Brett's Wood. There are also a few photographs of Silver-wahed Fritillaries taken this year and adding to evidence that the species bred in Norfolk during 2011/2012.

The 2013 winter birds gallery includes Bramblings and Bullfinches, as well as species already included in the Birds Gallery.

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Brimstone Life Cycle


Galleries have been updated and a new set of images showing the life cycle of the Brimstone butterfy added to the "New" Gallery. Go to new Brimstone photographs

Winter thrush photographs


I leave the fruit on an old apple tree that attracts a small flock of thrushes every winter. The birds always seem dominated by male Blackbirds with a few females but both Redwings and Fieldfares can visit, especially when the weather is cold. The recent snowy weather in North Norfolk provided the oppotunity to get key [295172] doesn't existphotographs of these attractive migratory thrushes and a few are now in the "Birds - Others " Gallery.

New bird photographs


Several new photographs of tits and finches have been added.

Articles added


Articles on the Silver-washed Fritillary butterfly in Norfolk and albino variants of the Lady Orchid have been added to the site and more will be added over the next few days.
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A few more fungus photographs have been added.

New photographs of butterflies and fungi


Photographs of butterflies and fungi have been added. The Moor End garden provided Wall and Red Admirals plus a few more photographs of Common Blue butterflies. Following much needed rain some August fungi were also photographed in local ancient woodland, including some nice boletes.

The butterfly gallery has been rearranged with the creation of a separate gallery for the larger and more ostentatious Nymphalidae. Also a new gallery has been opened for dragonflies and damsels.

New White Admiral photographs


A set of White Admiral photographs has been added. These were taken over several days in late July which is probably later that is ideal for this species. As a habitual bramble feeder the wings of the White Admiral can get badly damaged as they age thereby reducing their photographic appeal. Photographing them in early July at the start of their season is probably a beter bet! Black can be tricky to capture, especially if there is direct sunlight, and the best of these images were taken on a still, bright but cloudy day. A few other butterfly and moth photos taken during this period have also been added.

key [363216] doesn't existWhite Admirals and Gatekeepers are now in the "Butterflies - Nymphalidae" gallery.

key [295018 ] doesn't existLarge White butterflies and Elephant Hawk moth are now in the "Other Butterflies & Moths" gallery.

Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia in Norfolk


key [363216] doesn't existSilver-washed Fritillary photographs are now in the "Butterflies - Nymphalidae" gallery.

Whilst photographing White Admiral butterflies in my local area of ancient woodland (Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Foxley Wood nature reserve) I encountered a Male Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia. This is a rare event for Norfolk as the butterfly is no longer an established breeding species in the county.
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Stibbard Fete


A display of prints from the Moorend Nature portfolio will be included in a craft exhibition at the Stibbard Fete on Saturday 17th July 2-5pm. The exhibition is located in All Saints Church.

New Photographs


New photographs from early July include butterfles and orchids. The territorial Comma butterfly is a regular feature of an old Discovery apple tree in the garden. An afternoon on a local heath provided some pictures of the Silver-studded Blue butterfly that has been successfully re-introduced in Norfolk. A brief visit to ancient woodland rides provided Common Spotted Orchids and Large Skipper butterfly and the early season Marsh Helleborine and Common Twayblade are from a small local fen.

New Photographs


Some late June photographs of the Speckled Wood Butterfly and Common Blue Damselfly have been added.

Pensthorpe Orchid Weekend


Pensthorpe Nature Reserve are holding an Orchid Weekend on 26th and 27th June and there will be a display from the Hardy Orchid Society, including prints from the Moorend orchid portfolio.

More new photographs


Another day in the woods with more photographs of the Greater Butterfly Orchid as well as a nice Speckled Wood Butterfly. On BBC Springwatch last night, Chris Packham preferred a Speckled Wood to a Swallowtail. Hope to add some of those soon.

New Photographs added


A few photographs of the Greater Butterfly Orchid taken today during a brief pause in heavy rain have been added making a very wet morning in the woods worthwhile.

New photographs added


A few photographs of Common Blue butterflies that visited the garden on sunny evening in early June have been added.

New Photographs May 2010


A few photographs of early flowering orchids from May 2010 have been added. They are from a private Oxfordshire meadow that is managed for its orchid flora and two of my favorite ancient woodland sites in Norfolk.