Photographs are arranged in subject galleries with a partial taxonomic sub-division of the larger collection of orchid images.

In order to maintain image integrity and website quality, photographs have not been visually watermarked. However, they are protected under international copyright laws and the images and texts on the website are the property of Mike Gasson and “Moorend Nature”. No form of reproduction, including copying, downloading, or the alteration of the digital files, is allowed without the copyright holder’s permission.

Photographs have been taken on Canon equipment using raw digital capture, with a handful derived from Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. The majority of images were prepared as A3 prints before reduction for web display.

All images will generate large, high quality (giclée / inkjet) prints that can be prepared in a variety of sizes, unframed, mounted or framed. Please contact us to arrange purchase or to discuss image publication.